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Imagen de Directors' Liability: A Worldwide Review 2nd edition REV

Directors' Liability: A Worldwide Review 2nd edition REV

Alexander Loos
ISBN: 9789041142610
Edición: septiembre 2010
$ 3767,62
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This is an expanded and updated edition of an acclaimed reference book for international business lawyers first published in 2006. Compiled under the auspices of the International Bar Association, this comparative study of a crucial issue in corporate law gives practitioners a unique tool for ascertaining and comparing the law affecting directors’ liability in today’s globalizing economies. In this new edition, covering a total of 41 jurisdictions, each of more than seventy senior lawyers in major firms provides a concise, detailed, and easy-to-understand summary on his or her home law on directors’ liability. Authors whose research appeared in the first edition have updated their chapters, and the case law throughout the book now reflects published cases through the end of March 2010.