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Imagen de All International Criminal Law

All International Criminal Law

Transnational organized crime and international crimes

Coordinador: Jesús Edmundo Coronado Contreras
ISBN: 978-84-9090-511-1
Octubre 2021
$ 477,85
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The world is constantly changing. Advances in science and technology have generated a globalized society, which faces many challenges, one of them is the criminal phenomenon.

Crime evolved to levels never imagined, growing exponentially across borders and affecting a greater number of people. The impact of certain criminal acts has consequences not only at the local level, but also reaches the international level.

In this context, International Criminal Law acquires greater relevance, being that subject that studies and analyzes the greatest crimes, which by their particular nature affect all the world.

The commission of crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide has marked the history of humanity and demanded the presence of international tribunals. However, the growth of transnational organized crime activities has also severely affected the world, both physical and digital.

This book focuses on some essential aspects of the development of this novel legal matter, which details its importance from different perspectives, combining the theoretical and practical experience of its authors, all recognized specialists in the field of International Criminal Law.